Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Why my dogs are vegan...

A search on the internet revealed this thougtfully worded blog.

Vegan dogs?...why? WHY would ANYONE turn their dog vegan? I don't want the bullshit "'cause I'm vegan and it's healthier uh-dur!" Well, no, you're diet isn't healthier, but that's another argument, and your dog is a carni (not a carnival folk, but a carnivore). Your dog will think you fail as a master...or whatever the fuck you want to be called. Seriously, all you vegan people are into leaving things as they are. Let the animals live as they like and blah blah blah, and yet you are, in fact, forcing eating habits on a dog! A dog which you shouldn't have as a pet anyway if you're a PETA follower. Yeah, if you follow PETA, you are advised not to keep ANY animal as a pet. 'Cause you know, that makes a shit load of sense doesn't it? Why don't we just let all our dogs and cats free to fend for their own out in a world in which they probably want nothing to do with. Wanna know what will happen to my dogs if I let them free? They'd come back home because I feed them and treat them kindly unlike the shitty outside world. Wanna know what they would do if I turned them vegan? They'd bite my fucking hand off, get outside somehow, and go kill a rabbit or two to get their fill of meat for the day. Know why? 'Cause they are NATURAL CARNIVORES. Though they would eat practically anything, they'd pick meat above all else. Vegan dogs...what a fucking joke.

My reponse to this well thought out debate ;-) was:

Why my dogs are vegan

Actually dogs are omnivores just like people. Now if you're talking cats...they are carnivores. But dogs in the wild tend to forage food more than hunt. Sorry. I have 4 vegan dogs & the reason is because I don't trust the US' meat source to provide a safe and healthy diet for my dogs. I mean if I won't eat it because it's unhealthy for me with all the diseases that factory farmed animals have, why should I feed it to my babies? And I won't give them fish, because feeding fish to anyone you love is practically poisoning them now a days with all the pollutants in our waters. So rant all you want, but there are a lot of reasons that someone would want their dog to be vegan. And dogs are not carnivores.

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