Monday, January 1, 2007

Vegan New Years!

My husband has been vegan for 3 years & I was up until recently only a vegetarian. This is my first all vegan cocktail party. I really wanted to keep in the spirit of a true canape cocktail theme with our appetizers. We found vegan feta at this market in Vancouver, and it tasted very realistic. I used that to make these Martha Stewart canapes with le puy lentils and roasted red peppers. They are on the blue plate. I also make my own mini tortilla shells and filled them with my guacamole. They were very popular. At the same market we found the feta we found this delicious non soy based vegan pate....we got the curry flavor. It was really good. I'm hoping our Community Co-op can start carrying it. On the green plate we made this yummy cilantro wasabi non dairy sour cream & put it on tamari rice crackers. That was finished with edamame. On on the white plate we made artichoke puffs. All in all we were very happy with our party. Clarence our Akita/Shepherd loved the artichoke puffs we found out...bad dog :-) If anyone is interested in any of the recipes we used, let me know. I'd be happy to share.
My parents very nicely made some vegan spinach dip to share with us and an awesome antipasto salad.

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