Monday, January 15, 2007


We got Mia in January 2003. She was surrendered (got I hate that word...she didn't have a choice, some assholes decided they didn't want her) because they couldn't potty train her. Mark & I thought no problem, we already had Clarence & Pearl and they were fine. Well we learned a few things. #1 Shihtzu's are very stubborn. #2 Shihtzu's are incredibly hard to potty train (especially if they come from a dirty breeder). #3 Mia is smarter than us. So we learned to live with this little quirk of her's, put in ceramic tile & love our baby gate if we can't keep our eyes on her. She really is a great dog, has a great personality, loves Pearl to death, and loves to tell jokes. She's my baby if you can't tell....;-)

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