Monday, January 15, 2007

Monday Night Flop

Well tonight I tried to do something a little different. I personally liked it, but Mark hated it. I made homemade vegan spaetzles...those were a hit of course, I mean who doesn't love little dough balls? I also made some seared tempeh & covered the 2 with a white wine sauce ( I also added some lemon juice, garlic, and capers). Mark felt it was too sour. I thought it was tasty, although it could have used more garlic. I also made kale for the 2nd time, sauteing it in balsamic vinegar. I like it. But Mark doesn't like that he has to chew it. I guess we won't be having Kale again. Mark is very weird about vegetables. He has a thing about textures. When I make stews & soups, I usually just puree the veggies in my Cuisinart so that he won't know how many veggies he's eating. Oh well, I get the I'm not complaining. What's on the menu for the rest of the week you ask? Well I'll probably make some enchiladas YUM! and possibly a pizza. Definitely some collard greens since I got some really pretty ones this week at work (the Co-op).
It's been so cold here lately, which I might add is completely un-PNW weather, that I made a huge pot of chili which we ate in about 4 days. But this cold is eating up my energy and making me feel sluggish. Hopefully it will end...but I see snow in the weather forecast again, so we'll see.
Last week I tried brussel sprouts. This was a vegetable that normally I would never even touch, but my friend Beau brought them for Thanksgiving & they were so good I thought I would try making them myself. We researched cooking techniques online. We were told to steam for 7-10 minutes with the bottoms scored. So I scored, put them in a pre-heated steamer...but they were so not done. So we popped them back in, but the rest of dinner was already done (tempeh piccata, gnocchi, and kale ;-) so we started eating & forgot about them. Let me tell you, overcooked or not...those dogs love brussel sprouts. It was funny because normally Clarence is really good at catching food mid-air. But the brussel sprouts just sprung from his mouth & rolled on the floor.
Whoo...that's a lot of information (needed or not) for right now. Ciao.

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