Friday, January 5, 2007

Poor Meal Planning Week

Well my weekend is over & we've all been on a steady diet of veggie burgers, salads, and easy dinners. It always amazes me at the number of people who think heating up a veggie burger, slapping it on a bun & washing some veggies for a salad is "cooking". I grew up with my mother making everything from scratch for dinner most nights. I'm not saying that we do, we both work long weeks, but I do usually try to either make our dinner every night & keep it simple or make a huge pot of something & feed us leftovers for the week. We both believe that processed food is bad. So I have felt guilty, but the holidays have worn us both out. At least I got Mark to voluntarily eat his veggies 2 nights in a row :-)
We have recently discovered the wonders of collard greens. I've had them before & loved them, just never made them. I plan to include them in our meals at least once a week now. A little white vinegar, a little malt vinegar, a little sugar, some browned onion...YUM! that was yesterday. Today we had roasted asparagus, a recipe I got from one of the best cooking sites out there Roast asparagus & then drizzle with balsamic right before serving. I also served eggplant. Now for someone who has been a vegetarian for 28 years of his life & a vegan for the last'd think he would love his veggies. He does not. I personally just love eggplant baked in the oven. He does not. So I used a little egg replacer & breaded them. Of course he loved the eggplant.
Wow...I totally got off my tangent of being a lazy cook. Well besides these tasty veggies, I've served us veggie burgers, salad, and....*gasp* waffle fries.
But I have big hopes for next week...after I've rested with a holiday free weekend.
I'm planning a tempeh picatta with vegan spaetzle and probably some roasted asparagus (i'm an asparagus junky) and maybe some brussel sprouts.
Well night all. I'm off to cuddle with my puppies & veggie hating vegan husband.

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