Saturday, February 3, 2007

Cheesecake and midlife crisis

Well I am making a cheesecake to take to a friends for dinner tomorrow. If it warrants mention tomorrow...well I'll mention it tomorrow. Right now I'm worried.

Midlife crisis...I suddenly got the hankering to look up the Beatles on Youtube (my latest addiction...Youtube that is). And it suddenly hit me my childhood is over. The world I knew is over. There is a new and horrible world waiting for me. Maybe part of it is the loss of innocence. I mean wars are nothing new. But everything seems meaner, more cruel now. Reality TV, wars, Reality warming. I miss my high school bedroom with my larger than life size poster of the Beatles, my love of a young 21 Jump Street Johnny Depp & Richard Greico, Pearl Jam before they were, Chinese Sandals, cutoff jean shorts with black tights in the middle of an Ohio winter, marching band playing Do Me while it still played on the 92Q (the cool pop radio channel)...
And now we're left with a world of worse than the Running Man, bad weird weather that won't quit, war after war that mean & accomplish nothing. Except for Mark & my dogs...I want my old life back. If I could take them back to my little bedroom with me...with my single futon, my stereo w/ record player, my Cure albums & my Beatles fascination...I would. This reality sucks... We (Mark & I back in the hot & heavy dating phase) shared my single futon before...I say lets go back. Dogs are always welcome! Anyone who wants to join us is welcome. I say 1992 rocks! Well not really...but I was in another world then & as they say ignorance is bliss.

PPS...Can I mention I did a spell check on this blog post & the stinking program doesn't know what a Beatle is? As much as it hurts me to say this...the Beatles were big...40 years ago...and a spellcheck on Blogger doesn't know how to spell it? Am I old or does Blogger's spellcheck just suck?

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