Saturday, February 3, 2007

Fancy Schmancy Cheesecake

We had dinner with some friends tonight. They made us some awesome pasta with yummy veggies. Very good :-) So we brought dessert. I decided to make a lemon tofu cheesecake with blood orange glaze. I got the recipe from the Candle Cafe cookbook. The cookbook isn't really great on instructions, for instance it never tells you what temperature to bake the cake at. But the cheesecake turned out delicious. It should, it was made with Tofutti cream cheese instead of just tofu. One slice is probably a heart attack. The blood orange glaze was made with arrowroot and turned into something that looked like slime from Nickelodeon's You Can't do that on Television. I think next time I make it I am using cornstarch instead so it would thicken, not slime. The cheesecake was a big hit though, between the 4 of us, we ate 1/2 a cheesecake. So definitely a do again!

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