Monday, March 15, 2010

Vegan Breakfast in Los Angeles at Millies

angel's mess: tofu scrambled with vegan sausage and casein-free soy cheese. served with your choice of toast and a delectable fruit cup. $11.95

We are staying in LA for a couple of days while on Mark's book tour. We really wanted to go out to breakfast this morning. All the vegan places around us seem to not open until 11am which is too late for breakkies. Mark queried vegan breakfast in LA and we found a pretty great greasy spoon called Millie's on Sunset Blvd not too far from our hotel that had a bunch of vegan options. I had this which is the Angel's Mess. It was scrambled tofu with vegan sausage and vegan cheese, served with pico and guacamole, toast, and a fruit cup. It was delicious. Mark had the No Huevos Rancheros, which they sauteed tofu with veggies and put it on 3 tortillas that had melted vegan cheese on them. It was so much food, that we have leftovers for breakfast tomorrow in the hotel. It was delicious, and it was the first big breakfast I've had in years that I didn't have to make myself.


CM said...

Wow this looks yummy. I have not been to LA as an adult, or as a vegan, but I have heard they are quite vegan-friendly. Nice to see that a tasty breakfast is easy to find!

camelia said...
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