Monday, March 15, 2010

Lunch at Real Food Daily in LA

I don't have any pictures of lunch. But today we went to a place called Real Food Daily on La Cienega which in LA terms was also close to our hotel. Of course we had to drive there, but technically it was in the same neighborhood. It was delicious. I had a reuben which was actually made with thousand island dressing instead of mustard (which seems to be PNW thing) that came with a Caesar salad. It was so delicious. Mark had the El Bandito Rojo which were enchiladas with spanish rice and black beans. And for dessert we shared the Key Lime Cheesecake which was amazing. Lunch was definitely a hit and I'm not sure we'll have room for dinner after the breakfast and lunch we've already had today.

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Cally said...

I wanna move to LA!

Haha or just California ... geesh even the lunches sound better than soggy Canada right now! ;)

Cally Florence @