Monday, June 11, 2007

Questions & Answers

I am totally stealing this from Pisces Place, but it seemed like such a good idea. I'm making Mark answer the questions too...
But for now we're off to watch dvd's with the puppies. YAY!

1. I partner in crime mark, my other partners in crime clarence, pearl, mia & buster. and all my friends who daily put up with my eccentricities.
2. Right now I want...the world to be vegan, war to end, and the global warming to be fiction.
3. I feel like...crying & cleaning my kitchen
4. I hate it when...when people are hypocrites. people act like i'm a freak because i think animals are as valuable as human life. those same people have dogs & cats. they love their pets as much as i love mine.
5. I loved ones dying before me
6. I'm lonely without... my dogs & markey
7. I baby dogs
8. Today I...watching movies in bed with the dogs. i also made an awesome dinner. it was delicious!
9. Tomorrow I'm...going to work. i love my job :-)
10. I just...played bingo on the computer
11. I want to meet...mos def, he's a really cool vegan
12. I'm hungry for...well today it was a yves hotdog, a blt with yummy tempeh bacon, and my vegan version of coq qu vin. it was awesome. Although I wouldn't had said no if we had some chips in the house. oh well.
13. I love it when...i start my day with a walk.
14. I'm afraid of...the dark
15. I'm listening to...amy winehouse and stevie wonder right now.
16. I'm pj bottoms, a camisole and a sweatshirt. very sexy!
17. I wish I was in...bellingham washington...wait, that is where i am! lucky me!
18. I'm craving...a week long vacation on lopez island with unlimited book money and a good pair of walking shoes.
19. I want to get...learn to make good pasta sauce
20. I from scratch
21. I can' horror movies.
22. I have...lots of books and movies.
23. I haven't...ever been outside the us or canada.
24. I'm nervous...about my family getting older
25. My Mom thinks I'm...the best think since sliced bread
26. My Dad thinks I'm...not the person he wanted me to be
27. I think...nancy drew is the coolest girl ever
28. I'm happy when...i'm sleeping in with my dogs. they have a schedule about who gets to be in bed. they all take turns cuddling me.
29. I'm sad when...i think about the reality of our world
30. I like eating...pretty much anything eggplant
31. I hate eating...anything with broccoli or cauliflower in it.
32. I love dogs play, my garden, the water, and nero wolfe & poirot. can't get enough mysteries!
33. I love listening to...chopin even though he makes me very emotional
34. I love playing...yahtzee, spades, canasta, and nancy drew computer games.
35. I hate waking up to...being late for work. it rushes my day & sets the tone badly.
36. I can much my dogs & mark love me.
37. I'm glad that...i have a life partner that i love and like and harry potter #7 comes out in just over a month. i'm dying here!
38. I'm disappointed that...people can't be more respectful of how others choose to live their life.
39. I look like...well mark says kate winslet...but to be honest i don't look like anyone other than me :-)
40. I wish I looked like...when i was 18...i was pretty hot then!

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KleoPatra said...

You can steal from me anytime. i didn't even know you did till now.

Great answers... i can relate to No. 4 so well... and No. 5 too... and i didn't know about Mos Def! Where's your recipe for coq au vin? i love starting my day with a walk, too (with Mattie!)... i loathe horror movies (what IS the point!?)... hee hee on No. 25... and sorry about No. 26 *sigh* i understand... No. 29. *another sigh*... No. 38 rings my chimes... you're not alone, my friend!!