Monday, June 25, 2007

Princess Pearl loves to sleep with her mom

I've been obsessed with Edward Norton as an actor for the past few weeks. Today I decided just to query him on PETA...I didn't think he was vegan, we usually know which actors are. But you know just in case he was a hunter or something gross like that. When I went to PETA I immediately saw a photo of of a poor little monkey being tested on. It made me realize how ridiculous my original idea what. How can I care about actors or movies when such things are happening? In corporate brought my mood elevator down. But it was also good to be reminded again of why it is important that I made the decision to go vegan. So now I am off to lay in the puppy pile with my babies and remember that they shouldn't be lucky to live in my house, but in this world they are. And I'll think about all the babies out there who don't have the life my babies do and how wrong, horrible, and disgusting it is that they don't.

Princess Pearl says good night.

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