Monday, June 11, 2007

My new favorite movie....

If ever I told my tale of how I became a vegan....Mike White told it for me. Because I did go kicking & screaming. It wasn't easy or pretty. I mean how did I live with a vegetarian partner for 5 years when I wasn't one and a vegan partner for 3 years when I was only a vegetarian/pescatarian? I loved meat! I still miss it! I cannot lie...I won't lie! But I love my babies! Clarence my guardian! He is always on high alert when he feels I'm in distress. Pearl the beautiful slutty princess who gets everything she wants...we love her so. Mia(pia) who puts the name shih-tzu to a whole new meaning. She tries...she really doesn't :-) And Buster...well...he's just special. Those dogs mean more to me than anything. And because of them...we'll I'll continue to love my fake meat & no more dairy...:-)

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