Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Spring!

Today we took the puppy for a walk from Boulevard Park to Fairhaven where we got some sorbetto from Sirena, Walter thinks Strawberry Sorbetto is delicious. Then I made an awesome dinner, Field Roast, quinoa, spicy collards, and roasted baby broccoli. We're going to have strawberries for desert. I'm so happy that the sun is finally showing itself again.


CM said...

It's amazing what a difference real Spring weather makes! On these beautiful sunny days I always feel like anything is possible.

I love the walk from downtown to Fairhaven via Boulevard Park. It's one of my favorite things about B'ham. Happy Spring to you too!!!

Vegan Dogs said...

I used to have more of my cooking on my blog, but now my husband & I have opposite schedules...and it's so uninspiring to cook for one...so mostly I eat salads. I could do a whole vegan salad blog...:-)