Friday, December 5, 2008


I don't remember if I wrote about it...but about 2 weeks after Clarence died our Shih-Tzu Mia had emergency obstruction surgery. In ways I won't discuss, Buster had eaten a toy...and Mia did sort of too. We knew Buster had eaten the toy and watched him, but he never showed any signs of an obstruction. He seemed happy and healthy. On Saturday he started having seizures...the animal emergency clinic said he could probably wait until Monday to see his regular vet. Even then...the vet asked us if he had been vomiting, we said they tried to diagnose the seizures, they took blood and urine. Everything looked pretty our vet sent it out again for more extensive testing. Then on Wednesday morning December 3, Buster wouldn't finish his breakfast for the first time ever. We took him to the vet...the blood work came back again looking ok for disease. They x-rayed him and he had 3 pieces of the toy still in his stomach all that time. They tried to remove them surgically but Buster's little body gave out before they could even start. So we have now lost our second baby within 4 months. The girls are inconsolable. We are in could our little baby be so sick for so long and not tell us so we could help him? We are so lost without our little man...he was the sweetest boy, never demanding, never angry...just always willing to give a kiss and sit in your lap. He was only 4...he was a rescue. Someone found him a woodshed...a 1 yr old 13lb terrier mix. His fur was so long & he was so neglected that he had moss and grass growing in the mats in his fur. He was adopted out once & returned because they couldn't potty train him. That didn't bother us...we had Mia Pia who refuses still to this day to go outside if it's below 50 or wet. He immediately fell in love with Mark and was his constant companion. When Mark would go out of town Buster would refuse to go to the bathroom for me unless he was about to burst...he would pace around a mope. He was Mark's baby. He could jump forever and thought rubbing his butt on you was being affectionate. He loved to lick and nip at your nose as a kiss. He was crazy about popcorn and couldn't control stealing it out of the bowl in your face. He was scared of loud noises and any violence. He liked to sit next to his mom under the quilts while watching tv. He loved his sister Mia and they were inseparable most of the time. We are all missing our little Buster so much...Buster baby why didn't you tell us you were sick? We would have done anything to keep you with us. Now we're so lonely without you! You make sure that Clarence takes good care of you until we're all back together again. Miss you so much baby!

Buster Gluth
With mom and dad 2005-2008

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