Friday, October 17, 2008

Two Months

Today it is 2 months since Boy left us and so much has changed. I got a promotion at work, Mark's getting a demotion (since we chose not to move to Seattle to follow his job), his novel is getting published in 2009 by Akashic Books, I don't worry about tripping over him in the dark anymore, Pearl stops running to his crate when we get home. I miss him so much. We're going to sell our house since Mark (the bill payer of this relationship) is taking a huge demotion by not following his job. Clarence would hate the packing, and he would really hate moving to a new house, that would have been too stressful for him. So maybe in some way it was a blessing that he left when he did. I wish I could tell him how much his dad is missing their evening walks, especially now that the rainy season has started again, this was Clarence's favorite time of year. They would both come home completely drenched, only Clarence smiling.
Things Clarence loved: Scooby Doo, any sort of flat bread (tortillas, pita, naan, didn't matter), cold rainy weather, cabbage, sleeping with only his head under the bed, his dog bed, Pearl his best friend, my mother, taking walks, running up and down hills, getting his ears cleaned by his mom (he was weird), getting his teeth brushed, listening to music, running around the house playing with his mom, going to Cedarwoods, smelling flowers, and last but never least in his mind meal time!
Still missing you so much Bear!

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